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Antique Ship in Bottle

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The style is early 1900's.  Probably around 1915 to 1920.  Can you semd more photos of the bottle.  Particularly the head of the bottle, the bottom of the bottle and a close up on the sides.  Finding the time frame the bottle was made gives clues of the age of the ship in bottle.  

The ship is an American clipper ship.  Hard to tell which one.  Is there any details of the deck, or any names or symbols on the ship?  Who ever did it knew ships very well.  The rigging is very correct and the mast and spar proportions are really good especially for this style. 

I'm curious about the town in the back ground, sometimes ship in bottle builders depicted an actual place.  Its hard to say with generic buildings but the building in the middle and the mountain has me curious.  Any one have any ideas?  


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If it is from 1915ish its probably worth $250.  I purchased a similar one for that price a couple years ago.  Unfortunately they don't go up in value a whole lot.  There's not a big market for old ships in bottles.  If its later it'll be maybe $200 to $150.  

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