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Well I had my first opportunity at ship in bottle repair.  It was entirely different than I expected I'd do with a ship in bottle repair but I got it back together.  



I should have got a picture before I got it back together but when the gentlemen brought it over the mizzen main sail was floating around the bottle totally detached.  I had to maneuver it in place and glue it down.  Took two hours but I did it.  Funny thing with glass ships.  There no wiggle room.   

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The whole thing is glass.  Its a glass blown ship in bottle.  I'm not sure how it all came together.  The bottom of the ship is fused into the bottle it self.  The sails are all glass.  It looked like the glass is fused together when its still hot.  The bottom sail was fused to the sail above it.  To much bumping around broke the two apart leaving a loose sail.  I was able to get it back in place and glue it where it was fused originally.

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Hi there,

We have a family trinket which is a gass ship inside a bottle/vessel. During a house move even though we thought we packed it well, it got knocked and the ship has broken away from the base of the bottle. Is there any way it can be fixed?

Many thanks


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