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Bottled Ship Builder

The princess royal 1841

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Making all possible to achieve a square craddle in all three axis (well, at least while attaching the first two parts). Parts were glued with 5-minute epoxy after cleaning old varnish and sanding parts a bit better. Both shaped parts are pretty different from one another, but I don’t think it will spoil final stance and adds some handmade flavour to the whole. Thanks for the comments folks! Would love to see your work as well!



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The moment of thruth is coming. I made some holes in the sea of putty to anchor a puddle of epoxy, Magnetic craddle was then laid on top of it. I created a rope guide using brass sheet to guide cables and orient them better towards the middle of the bow. I labeled all cables with tape tags and lowered the masts. Cables look no messy, but apparently all are on correct position! 
i also gave the last coat of gloss to the craddle. I find it looks very nice indeed.







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All went well on the trip through the bottleneck. After about 30 years, she is finally resting inside the bottle with her sails open! Would like to hear some tips on how to remove some folds on some sails. 
Photos are a bit misty due to moisure from white flue pond drying inside the bottle. I need some nice sunny days befor closing up.



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