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Just found this on a carboot sale, £3.00!  Box sealed with very old dried out sticky tape, so I thought I won’t damage the box and try to open it, I will wait until I get home and gently cut the

Started working on the sea of putty. Putty was laid in many years ago and was almost totally dry. I found it to be a little high to fit the ship so I scraped some of it off. The picture shows a height

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Of course! You can use and modify as you like. I remembered yesterday I would like to add the hole indications on the bumpers, this is something i realized later that would help drilling the holes on the hull sides. I would also consider drilling them before glueing the bumbers, then use the bumpers to mask the holes. This drilling tears up the paper a bit around the holes, making a bit of a mess. Since I used a sheet that is a bit thinner than the original I am considering adding another bumper after i pass the cables through these holes to improve the look. Let’s see. Now I am working on the mast crossbeams. Lots and lots of holes to drill to support them...

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Not much progress this weekend- cleaned up the trestle and did the first round of rigging. The bowsprite was quite easy. I have some doubts about the frizzy thread. Tried to reduce it with some wax, white glue and varnish, but with doubtful results. What do you think is good to reduce the frizz on polyether thread? Otherwise the thread looks good- color and tightness are great. Thanks for the comments!



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21 hours ago, RKS said:

Looks great!  I wonder what you may suggest to use for mast “hinges” as whatever came with my ok’d kit is missing?


I still had the original material, just some copper or brass wire, maybe 0,8mm (1/32” or so) in diameter.

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