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PSA: Scam / Fraud alert target artists

Jim Goodwin

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This is a heads up for those that sell their work over the Internet on a personal or your business website.  Scammers are targeting artists and craftspeople

I typically accept payment card info over the phone though sometimes take a check by mail.  

This past week I had a situation that just did not feel right and emails from the customer had inconsistencies. 

I had the sense to go to my bank and see if their check was valid.  It was indeed a stolen check from a lawyers firm in Springfield, MA.  

The person claimed she was moving from Georgia to Canada and would include additional funds for the shippers.  The additional amount was $3000.   They communicated that they desired $2k to go into a Zelle Payment account.   Have not communicated with these scammers since I filed the FBI report.   

Tis a shame that this occurs.  


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