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Bottled Ship Builder


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So I have been thinking for some time now, about the starship Enterprise in a bottle. How hard can it be? (Laughing) 

Obviously it would have to be in pieces. I was thinking fishing line instead of pegs. Put them in loosily, then slide pieces up on the line and position and glue tight. 

It would probably need a support base for the ship, not the bottle. Clear acrylic, or hang off a fishing line from top of bottle. Could be inverted, hanging off a cork as well. 

Any thoughts and ideas?

Had anyone does this?

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I like the idea, I am a big Star Trek fan. I have wondered about this before but never spoke about it to anyone. I thought I saw a picture of one online one time during one of my endless searches for something and getting sidetracked at other things I see. I sort of skimmed by it because I figured it was photo-shopped or something. I hope you can figure it out because I would love to see this!


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I've contemplated the Serenity from Firefly in a bottle but haven't gotten to it.  I agree it would have to be in pieces but totally do able.  I'd look into how houses in bottles are built.  I think it would be very similar.  There's a couple builders here who have done buildings in bottles.  

Look up the Żuraw Gdański by Artur.  Thats a great example. 

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Can't seem to let this idea go. 

I grabbed an empty 1.5 ltr. Clear wine bottle. 

I found really good drawings of top, sides and front of the first Enterprise. 

I have a vision of a simple bottle cradle and the mount for the ship. 

main body , engines, support struts no problem. Wood dowels, ice cream sticks, whittled and shaped. One by one in bottle, slots for construction. 

The disk?

I can envision cutting a coin off a dowel of size and shaping it. Im thinking once done, cutting into pieces, (3?) using pegs assembling inside, then mounting up on its support strut. ( not really sure) 

 I'll clean the bottle up. I'm gonna use Wifeys copier and blow up the ships drawings to scale for the bottle (when she at work). 

Jack Needham's  book- Modeling Ships in Bottles is arriving at my local library this week. I had to request it from across the state on a library loan. 

I might get distracted. 

Please add ideas if you have any....

could certainly use some.

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Needhams book arrived. Very interesting and gripping.

The big hurdle on the Enterprise is getting the disk through the neck.

There's a fellow showing off his completed SIB NCC-1701, on YouTube. He doesn't explain how he did it. 

I remember the Quarter in a beer bottle "magic trick" from my bar tending days. It folded.

It was good to know a few magic tricks behind the bar. 


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project started November 2019, after much thought. A few trial and errors got me to this point.

A static  display in the left and SIB hopeful on the right. 


In the photo on the left the model is missing the antenna array (front)  and weapons launch bay (tiny half ball under disk). 

I have located discussions of official paint scheme based on Smithsonian model and television episodes. Unfortunately certain parts did change color with different seasons and episodes. Decided on original pilot episode, using the new color enhanced version. 

Quite excited, but alas, I have to go to to the craft store for a color I don't have. 

Best regards,


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