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Have purchased a few bottles of rum lately to use for my projects later or sooner depending how thirsty I get, but now some ? OK all are empty I find they are quite distorted to look through! My question is, therefore, how much do you think is acceptable before it ruins the visual effects of the model inside? Or is a bit of distortion acceptable to make it appear to look older than it really is? If you want it to look antique, which is the overall effect I prefer. ? 


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Personally speaking I find a bottle with a bit of distortion has a certain charm to it but if the glass is too thick or makes the ship inside the bottle appear to be a bit blurred then it's not really acceptable. I have heard that some people get their bottles from a pharmacy because those bottles have much clearer glass and of course are usually larger.

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When I find a bottle, I usually wash it out then insert a length of dowel into it, turn the bottle and see what the distortion is like all round. If I think it is too much I discard the bottle and try another one. I like a bit of distortion myself because of, as you say, the antique feel. Some modellers use medical flasks because they are flawless. The trouble is unless you are making the model on commission, and can factor the cost into the price of the model, they work out very expensive.


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