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Ship in Bottle info Request

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Here's what I have figured so far.  The bottle doesn't appear to have seems but does have some rings that indicate it was made using a turn mold.  I would date the bottle at somewhere between 1880 and 1915.  


Also that appears to be a Russian flag that was used prior to 1917.  

Any one else notice anything that would give more information on this ships background?   

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The black white red flag looks like the German merchant used from 1860-1900 (Wikipedia search ) .  Russian for that period is white blue red.   The bottle looks like an old wine based on the large punt for collecting sediment...though late 1800 scotch bottles had a minor punt.   With the air bubbles in the glass, bottle is most likely late-1800's.  Historically, numerous clipper ships for Hamburg-based companies were built in England and Scotland with many having iron hulls.  In addition to trade, many Hamburg vessels were immigrant ships to America.   A very old piece, Daniel , probably made pre-1900.  WOW !!!

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I don't think theres anything distinguishing enough on this paticular one to tell if it was any paticular ship.  If it had a name on the side, figurehead, or company flag on the topmast I think we could figure something out but as is its a black clipper ship from Germany.  It could be one of hundreds.   

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