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Hi Crew,

I met a fellow builder, He is moving out of his home and into an apartment.In an effort to raise money and make room (get rid of stuff) he's selling some of his old work.I bought two of them. he said they were junk. so I thought I would make any needed repairs, as I dug into the spider web and nicotine covered pieces, I found that it would be best to strip them down and refurbush them. They are not SIB's nor are they models. I guess they were (factory) made as decorative pieces. None the less, they are ships... So I will make an effort to make them Beautiful once again. One is a Galleon and the other a frigate. I'm new to the hobby, and I hope to learn alot.

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I think they'll both make great models.  It will be fun to see what you do with them.  As far as planking, its up to you.  I like a planked look but its hard work.  

I think they fall into the folk art type models.  There are debates back and forth for scale vs folk art.  I know quite a few scale guys that would say "throw em in the trash they aren't worth it."  I disagree with that notion.  I think all ship models have a charm to them scale or not and I've restored a few folk art models for people.  Ships in bottles themselves became popular as folk art models.  So I welcome folk art models in this forum.  Keep us updated on how it goes. 


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