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Bottled Ship Builder

Diorama "The Old Man and The Sea" in bottle. Scale 1/72


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Hi everyones!
As I promised earlier, I'm starting the story about one more of my projects.
But at first, we come back at some time ago. :)

Several years ago I have built the boat in the 72 scale while staying on vacation. By the way, it is very convenient - you have the small kit, minimum of tools and you not lose your time on vacation. This boat was on the shelf of my bookcase since.

More then year ago I had got the empty bottle of Japanese whiskey with a fairly wide neck (25 mm). And this boat could be put throuth the throat of this bottle.

But I could nothing were occurred to anything but banal theme: rearmament boat rigging and sails, and the replacing it all in a bottle. In general, anything interesting either in technical or in artistic terms

And I continued to explore possible options for upgrade the boat…




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I was tormented by doubts for some time, but at some point I put the bottle, the boat and one of the figures together and ... EUREKA !!! I saw a very old boat and the old Fisherman's ... My imagination added the fish, tied to the boat and a shark in the water close to the boat ... Of course, this should be a scene from book "The Old Man and the Sea" by Ernest Hemingway and nothing else!!!



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Next, I found a few photos marlin and mako sharks in the Internet, again have read "The Old Man and the Sea" to refresh in memory details and started this project.
The first step is the making basis for Fish and I also began to remodel the existing figure of the captain Smollett in the old man.




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In that time I did not know how will llok this project in its final form. New ideas and solutions have been come in the course of buiilding. :)
Next step - I did not like the details fixing the mast and I decided to make they more similar to the real one. I have used brass 0.1 mm for the manufacture of new parts.










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