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After waiting during another day, I realized that I did not receive the required level of transparency :(. That is, if I look at the top or bottom, the result is not bad, but when viewed from the side, the hull has been not seen through the "sea" as much as I needed. You may need to do the color is much less intense and do not use more pigments. In parallel, I quickly made another small project, for which I used this material. But has been used quite a small amount of silicone and "sea" was more transparent. T .e. was identified the need to continue to experiment with this silicone.
Well, while I continued to work with the "sea". The next step - an imitation of the waves with the help of clear acrylic gel.





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Thus, the gel was applied and, while the "wave" was drying, I proceed to the finalization of the process preparation of rigging to accommodation the top part of the hull into bottle. Firstly, it is necessary to fix those ends of the cut and the rigging which should be originally fixed on the deck. Secondly, I need to separated all parts of the rigging, at the same time making drawing assembly scheme and to mark these yarns in accordance with this scheme.




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Then I remembered that I still wanted to place several winches on the deck and to put at the deck several the small winding running rigging. So I had to quickly to make the winches. I used to do that a thin rod of brass, drill and needle files purchased during vacation. Yes, a good tool ... it's just a song! The base of the winches - rings of brass wire, ground off on both sides with sandpaper.




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Now all are ready to place the above-water part of the hull in the bottle. I put it in a bottle. Then planted it on the studs, protruding from the lower part of the hull, put a little the glue in places connection of both parts and pressed. Then I unraveled part of the rigging, coming out of the throat of the bottle, and gave the thread ends on the outside of the bottle, so that they are not disorded.







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Well, that's ... I went to the most interesting and importent part of the whole bulding - installation of mast and tension of the rigging inside the bottle. 
The boom is made movable, so I picked the mast with sails in a compact package and put it all into the neck of the bottle. Then I put the mast in a hole in deck. As a result, I got a not fixed mast and a bunch of threads coming out of the throat of the bottle.






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Well, I finally fixed and cut the last thread. I can relax and take a photo of the model with her spars and rigging through the bottle wall. Now, I still have time to clean the inside of the bottle, finalize the design of the cork, and other things associated with the blockage of the bottle. :)










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