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Yacht J-class. Scale 1/300


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Hi everyones! 
Some time ago I bought a new material for the making of the sea for one of my current projects. I've never used this silicon, so I decided to first try it with some simple project.So, more two years ago, I made this hull for yacht, but at that time I was not satisfied with the result, so that the hull was lying in the drawer of my desk all the time. Now I have decided to slightly improve this hull and use it for this project.





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I would like to clarify that this is not the model of a particular yacht. I have used the drawings of the hull of the yacht Rainbow. But I have changed the proportions. I also used the photos of the yacht Endeavour to make the deckhouses. Length of the hull of this model is 95 mm and I chose the scale of 1/300, only on the basis of my preferences :)
And next small update. I made a lot of small rings. I'm going to use them as eyelets and clips. (I'm not sure that I correctly translated these terms)










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So, I also continue to learn. This model has become my testing ground for the testing new ideas and technologies :)
I was continuing to work with sails.
At first I have glued grommets using CA. But it was not the good idea.  Then I tried to use Titebond II and  then I have drilled holes.






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Then I continued to work with the front sails. Some time ago I cut a lot of rings of thin wire. I used some of them to simulate the eyelets, and the rest I decided to use for the simulation of small rings, which sails are attached to the front of the forestay.




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The idea of making this rigging of the boom was born suddenly for me. Feature of "bottle" modeling is that it should be possible disassembly of the rigging before placing the model in a bottle and reassemble all we have made before this, but inside the bottle.
In this project, I am going to put into bottle the hull of the model piece by piece, and then later install the mast and pull the rigging.





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Many thanks IOAN and Daniel for your feedbacks!

So, this time I had to, finally, to try out the new material for the making of the "sea".
In one of my current project it is very important for me to get a clear sea. At the same time the sea must be filled in layers and is highly desirable that this "layered" was not noticeable. To this end, it was purchased the kit of two-component silicone Encapco K and the set of pigments for him.

Portions of this silicone need mixed in equal proportions. For coloring necessary to add pigment to component A. Components are quite liquid, as compared with an epoxy resin.
So I added a little bit of blue, green and yellow pigment in a measured amount of component A, mixed thoroughly and got the desired color. Further I separated 60% colored component and mixed with the same amount of component B. The resulting composition I mixed well and filled into the bottle with a syringe with a long nozzle.







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According to the instructions this mix dries during 24 hours while respecting the proportions of components and the ambient temperature. Therefore, without special hurry, I have prepared the lower part of the hull to place in the bottle. I hung it on two threads, plunging the keel to the required depth. Still on the same thread, I just go down a small weight to finally align the hull. Thereafter, the bottle was removed from the desktop into the cabinet, not to accidentally push her.




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About a day later, I started to fill the second layer of silicone. I mixed the remaining 40% of the colored component A with an equal amount of the component B and the resulting mix I filled into the bottle. The surface of the "sea" was almost flush with the line cut of the hull along which is going the waterline.





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