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At any given time I have multiple projects going. I like to balance my work by working on a miniature and a larger vessel at the same time. At present I am preparing to dis-assemble a replica of Thermopylae in order to bottle her. I do not hinge any of my masts all are pegged through the deck. Thermopylae measures nine and a half inches from stern to bowsprit. She has over 300 copper plates on her hull and is scratch built using basswood, mahogany, birch and walnut. She is the largest ship I have built to date. I still have to do a bit of detail work on her deck.

I am also building a miniature replica of the Schooner Ernestina - Morrissey. Ernestina was the last sailing ship in regular service to bring immigrants to The United States from the Cape Verde Islands. She is the official vessel of Massachusetts and is part of the New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park. A $375,000 challenge grant has put the completion of a projects to restore her. The $6.3 million restoration effort was recently announced.






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