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Greetings from the Texas High Plains


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Greetings from Lubbock Texas, right in the center of the area known as “The High Plains”. This area is the largest cotton producing area in the USA. Anyway I recently retired and moved here for some reason? Maybe it was the dart on the map tacked on the wall type of choice. Anyway I posted over on Ships in a Bottle site as rustranch while it was operational. I think you can still log onto it and view files.

On this site so far I've only seen posting on ships, and yes I know the name of the site says ship but it also references bottles. I've never built a ship in a bottle, mine are impossible bottles like decks of cards and locks in glass bottles. The others are what I call memory bottles. Those are centered around something, someplace or some event in my life. Kind of like the dioramas we built in shoe boxes as a kid for school projects. I view a ship in a bottle is nothing but a small diorama.

I use bottles, light bulbs and other interesting glass containers I find. I've been know to purchase a item at the grocery store just for the glass bottle. I use Femo and bits of things I find while out walking. Leaves, sticks, wire, colored paper, interesting rocks, and on and on. My posting were always water related on the other site, but it was a stretch to make it related sometimes. And because water and ships go together like ice cream and pecan pie, that's as close to the ship in a bottle as I could and will get. There's a lot involved in moving, and hobbies are low on the list.

Anyway finishing up from moving and unpacking the last of the boxes, I've found my packed away bottles and tools. I'm working on a bottle idea to keep me in out of the cold this winter. For the most part I'll enjoy lurking around in the background watching and learning techniques. Although I will get around to posting a few water related bottles. When I'm working on a new bottle my wife enjoys telling her friends “Oh he's hitting the bottle again”. Most of our friends know what I'm doing, but every once in a while, much to her delight, it draws very interesting responses.


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Rustranch - I would say the websites main approach is ships in bottles but I want it to be all inclusive.  Don't think that because an impossible bottle doesn't iclude water you can't post it.  Post anything you have.  I think bottle art and techniques in bottle art art an important part of what we do and you can teach us a lot.    

Also we are such a small community.  We need to be inclusive of all aspects of this hobby.  Whether that is impossible bottle art or miniature ships that aren't put in bottles.  Every one can learn from both aspects of the art.


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