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Found 1 result

  1. I love working with wood. I love shaping it, carving it, sanding it and finishing it. I very much enjoy putting miniature wooden ships in bottles. I love recreating the ingenuity of the originators of this craft who worked with whatever materials they had on hand with improvised tools to produce small works of art. This kit is none of that. This kit is a miniature plastic ship model that will be placed into a glass bottle using the somewhat traditional technique of hinging the mast and erecting them via their rigging lines pulled from outside the bottle and then obscuring the lines to make it look mysterious. I haven’t made a plastic model kit since I was twelve years old and I didn’t really enjoy them much then. The quicker I got them together so that I could blow them up with a fire cracker or light them on fire in a reenactment of the D-Day Normandy Landing the better. I don’t think I every bother to paint them; paints cost money back then – money that I could better use to buy illicit firecrackers from the local punk who probably latter became a drug dealer. So I don’t get to carve any wood into a hull. Frankly I don’t mind not having to tediously sand mast and spars but not carving a hull is almost sacrilegious. So I’ve been at odds about what to do with this kit since I purchased it. My initial thoughts were to re-purpose the bottle for a model of my own making of another ship - it is a very nice “Dutch Flask” bottle. Then I thought about using the model as a guide to copy lines from and recreate the model using wooden parts in a more traditional build. Finally I decided to just open the thing up and see what it was all about and at least read the instruction book. Once I started to assembly the stand, I was hooked. I opened the little container of provided gold paint to paint the little whale figurines for the stand only to find the acrylic paint was all dried up. So I broke out an ancient unused set of Testor’s model paints and found I had a bottle of gold paint that I applied effortlessly (I’ve learned to paint parts on the sprue to avoid handling them – something I didn’t know when I was twelve). So now I’m of the mind to just read and follow the instructions and build the thing the way it was intended. The little stand looks pretty cool but the bottle doesn’t fit on it the way I expected. I think a lot of the model isn’t going to go together the way I expect it. At least the little vials of red and black paint aren’t dried up but I don’t know how I’m going to paint the tiny little figures – the Captain has a peg leg! Well at least it isn’t a plastic ship in a plastic bottle – I have one of those kits too.
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