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    U.S. / Confederate / nautical History, Aquariums, Flags, Bible study, fishing, Stamp Collecting, firearms/ weaponry

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I am disabled from Chronic Lyme disease. Every day is a struggle for me. I am married & have one step daughter still at home (senior this coming school year). Model ship building is one of the very few things I can still do. It is good emotional therapy. I did my first bottle build when I was 18. It was so bad I call it my ship wreck in a bottle. I swore I would never do another. Well all these years later I am drawn back to it. I have always admired others bottle builds. I keep a few aquariums, I am a stamp collector (mostly US & Canada but have some from all around the world) . I enjoy fishing but don't get to go much anymore. I am a history nut & fly all kinds of historical flags. I do a lot of Bible study.

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