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  1. I have had the issue with white glue swelling the wood making things fit too tight compared to when it was dry. I have used metal wire instead of wood pegs or I would sometimes taper the end of the peg making it easier to start in the hole with the rest of the peg very slightly scraped a little narrower to allow for the swelling. This probably does the same thing as the grove John was talking about. Jesse
  2. Welcome Dan! Hopefully some our tech-savy members can help you work out the photo issue, would like to see them. Jesse
  3. I have always wanted to try using epoxy resin for the sea but I'm afraid I'd make a big mess of it! Jesse
  4. I like how you hung it, kind of like the ones hanging in the church. Nice touch! Jesse
  5. Looking good! What material did you use for the sails?
  6. Andrew, I am a stamp collector so I really like that extra touch to this! Jesse
  7. Igor, even after years of seeing your work you continue to amaze me at how precise you make miniature parts! Jesse
  8. I have never heard of this. I love learning the history and stories behind things like this. Very interesting! Evidently this is not done in the U.S.? I would have loved to see a ship hanging in church when I was growing up.
  9. Although I haven't had a build in a while I do check in here every morning even if I don't leave any comments. There is something I like about a smaller group even through the slow time periods. It is more personal and friendly here. In a much larger forum I am a member of it can get so overwhelming with so many people and sections it is impossible to keep up with it all. The administration of it can get rather strict and impersonal. People there form clicks and some who think of themselves as advanced builders can make less advanced builders feel "not up to par". You don't really get that negative stuff here much at all. I am permanently disabled from a chronic illness and not much cheers me up now days but this forum does- even during the down times. Jesse
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