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About Me

While on vacation in Maine as a young boy I spent a week aboard the Maine Windjammer " Roseway " touring

along the Maine coast and getting educated in sailing. Taking the ships wheel and helping tend the sails was a thrill I'll always remember. I saw Jack Needham's " Bottling Ships In Bottles" in a local bookstore and from that moment I was hooked. I have had the privilege of displaying and teaching the art of bottling ships and formed my company Bottleneck Treasures some three years ago. I specialize in building fiber optic ships in bottles, miniatures in as small a glass media I can find and one inch miniature ships in old fashioned timepieces.

I was thrilled when I found the Ships In Bottles Association of America, a group of members dedicated to promoting the art and I quickly joined to learn from other shipwrights all I could. After a couple of years I was invited to become their membership Chairman and soon afterwards became president. My ultimate goal and objective is to educate others in this lost art. Many folks have no idea the skills it takes to bottle a ship nor do they appreciate the art. I have had articles in many periodicals, have been promoted on radio and television as well as numerous museums and libraries. 

As shipwrights we enjoy the art and it's up to each of us to ensure that the art lives on. Every facet available to us like this website is a stepping stone to teach others to appreciate the art we all enjoy.

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