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  1. I use auto body putty. It bonds well, sands to a smooth finish, and it doesn't shrink. It's a good option if the object is going to be painted, instead of being done with a natural wood stain.
  2. The Bangor Daily News just posted a blog article with photos and video about some of my projects built inside of bottles. Enjoy! Here's the link: http://bedell.bangordailynews.com/2016/04/28/home/maineshipsinbottles/
  3. Just letting everyone know that I have a new web site up and running for my custom Ships In Bottles work! Here’s the link: www.MaineShipsInBottles.com Sincerely, —Dana Perkins
  4. It's a fund raiser for the local history museum. Every Christmas season they fill the place up with spectacular Christmas decorations, Christmas trees that have been incredibly decorated, and large glass cases filled with either a big Christmas village or gingerbread houses. Many of the trees and gingerbread houses have business sponsors. The businesses make a donation to the museum, and volunteers or staff do the decorating and post a sign giving credit to the business. The museum also raffles off donated items. In my case, I'm simply loaning the museum the Gingerbread House In A Bottle to add to the Gingerbread House exhibit and help bring people in, and I'll get it back after the holidays are over. I've also donated a Ship In A Bottle Christmas ornament to be raffled off. The exhibit doesn't officially open until Saturday evening (Nov. 21) to people who have paid for an "elite preview", but there's already been quite a favorable response to my bottled contribution by word of mouth. I've already gotten a paid speaking engagement out of it and sold six Christmas ornaments, and the show hasn't even opened to the public yet.
  5. I just finished uploading photos of my latest project into my photo album Dana's Bottle Projects. It's a Gingerbread House In A Bottle for the Saco Museum's Holiday Gala exhibit of incredible gingerbread houses and exquisitely decorated Christmas trees, now on display through their museum through the holidays in Saco, Maine. Now, back to making ships and lighthouses!
  6. Ships, Houses, and Lighthouses built by Dana Perkins inside of bottles.
  7. I love it! You obviously put a lot of work into it!
  8. I just joined this group, although I've been a member of different "miniatures" groups on Yahoo for a few years, as well as a member of the SIBAA. I made my first SIB several years ago and worked steadily since then to make better and better models. I now have a fully equipped studio for making reasonably detailed SIBS as fun and efficiently as possible. Here is a recent (and very short) video made about me and my work by a college student who was taking a Documentary Video course. She found out about me on the internet and asked me to be the subject for her project: http://portfolios.salt.edu/gallery/hinterland#prettyPhoto[6614]/0/ --Dana
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