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  1. Hi. all interested members. I have been inactive for two years but have now taken to the bottle again. I am always amazed at the complex nature of some of the projects that other members complete they are absolutely fantastic. I feel that I am working in their shadows. In my projects I tend to want to depict a historical event and include a complete scene as in a diorama and have now started experimenting and including  LED lights within. My latest work is Captain Falcon Scotts RN ship Terra Nova surrounded with ice and the moving Aurora Australis (Southern Light display) in the back ground all inside the bottle and supplied with battery and mains power.

  2. galinivin


    HMS Victory firing a broadside at a French man of war.
  3. galinivin

    Whaling Scooner

    Armed American Whaler chasing down their prey.
  4. Apology to Bernard Kelly, just realised I typed the wrong name ( Able Seaman)
  5. Hi to all the members that have responded to my problem. I am in the process of trying out some of the suggestions and will post the results as they develop. Thanks to Able Seaman in Tenerife as I appreciate that he would face a simular climate. Not that I am complaining about living in the mediterranean though , it has its compensations.
  6. Although I believe that I am a considerable novice at this art I have always enjoyed modeling. With regard to fitting the ship I have made a balsa hull with an adjustable single mast with measure marks that is raised once inside the bottle this gives me a true available hieght . It is always difficult to assess the hieght from the outside because of the thickness of the glass and the optical illusion created. galinivin
  7. ] I thank the members for their replies. My choice of sea material is an elastomeric putty that is suitable for filling cracks and joints in the building trade, coloured with acrilic paint. The hull is pine, masts of bamboo skewers, some deck furniture in bamboo or balsa. Most is either coloured with acrilic or humbrol enamel and then coated with clear nail varnish. This fur growth only appears to affect small isolated parts of the models, as seen in the attatched photos. The two safety boats on the deck directly in front of the main mast are virtually hidden by this green grass looking growth.This occurred on another model but only affected the mizzen mast which with careful attention I cleaned and coated again with nail varnish and it appears to have solved the problem. I often wonder if it is possible to create a vacuum after inserting all the models.I would appreciate any advice on this matter. Thanking all in anticipation of a solution. galinivin
  8. I am on my fifth model, in different sized bottles. I tend to make a historical scenes, the latest HMS Victory at the battle of trafalgar firing upon a french man of war in a 5 litre demijohn, a three month project My biggest problem is the slight fur growths on some parts of the models. I have tried to eliminate this by inserting a pod of slica beads inside of the drilled out stopper, these can be replaced with ease when required . I am not sure if this is caused by the paint, material or varnish or any other strange anomaly. I would appreciate any advice for a cure if any members have suffered with this problem. I am based in southern Crete and although it is very hot the humidity can be high. Galinivin.
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