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  1. The first "real" ship in a bottle that I built was the SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND. I got married on it in 2013. So it was a very personal event, which has revived the long-cherished desire. Everything is still a bit clunky and crooked, but made with muuuuch love. Including wedding couple on the back.😍
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    I had promised to present here some of my ships in bottles of the last years. But now I will show you my FIRST ship in a bottle, which I built at the age of ten. It is a plastic kit of the Clipper CUTTY SARK, which I got as a present at Christmas 1982 and "built" within three days. This is how it looked like... But nevertheless: Already at that time the desire should settle in me to build sometime a "correct" ship in a bottle, so completely without prefabricated parts. It should take over thirty years until it was finally so far... Best, Matthias
  3. Meinen ersten Beitrag (nach meiner Vorstellung) möchte ich mit einem meiner neueren Schiffe beginnen. Es handelt sich hierbei um das letzte von insgesamt vier von mir fertiggestellten, sogenannten 'Orlogschiffen'. Die Vorbilder hĂ€ngen in meiner Heimatstadt Bremen im Rathaus von 1404. Sie stammen aus den Jahren zwischen 1545 und 1779. Das 'Wapen van Bremen', wurde 1750 gebaut und stellt ein Linienschiff von 1689 dar. Ich habe mein Modell in einem 25-Liter-GĂ€rballon in Segmentbauweise eingebracht und dafĂŒr rund drei Monate gebraucht.
  4. Ja, ich liebe in der Tat besonders die fließenden, stromlinienförmigen Formen eines Schiffes. Selbst die, welche 'oben rum' rechtschaffen hĂ€sslich sind (wie die meisten modernen VerkehrsgĂŒterschiffe... ) verfĂŒgen darĂŒber im Unterwasserbereich.
  5. Hello Everyone, I would like to intoduce myself with a few words. I was born in Bremen, Germany, the home of the worldwide known “Town musicians of Bremen“. It is located right next to Hamburg and after this the second biggest city in the north-western part of Germany. Bremen is located at the river Weser and also close to the North Sea. Besinde this, I grew up in the small village called Achim and as a child loved to paint old houses and castles, and of course tall ships. At the age of ten years I have received a gift of a model kit for a ship in a bottle, the CUTTY SARK. After receiving the university-entrance diploma, I have studied art, German language, history, as well as architecture. When I got married in 2013 on board the SCHULSCHIFF DEUTSCHLAND, the last and only remaining full-rigged ship under German flag, I took this opportunity to pick up again my old hobby that I have not practiced for more than thirtythree years. I now live in Bad Kissingen, in the Northern part of Bavaria. To describe my work I would say: It fits into the tradition of folk art (You can also find the most of my works on https://www.folkartinbottles.com/artists/artists-s-z/274-matthias-schultz) , because I emphasize the handmade character, refusing to use prepared material or 3D-printed pieces. On the other side I trie to avoid too much simplicity and folklore by adding persons or too much colorful decoration. The range of my ships reachs from a Puntship of the old Egypt times up to a modern Sea rescue cruizer. But in fact, I now prefer the ships oft he 16th up to 18th century, building them without the sea to show the whole hull with it’s streamlined forms. A nice tv feature about me you can find here: https://www.tvmainfranken.de/mediathek/video/wie-kommt-das-schiff-in-die-flasche-buddelschiffbauer-matthias-schultz/?fbclid=IwAR3rLKi0n0ZWqmajdsqm_lDz34ePPTRMC21OXKHzvpnnafcUHd0BMjPsvM0 All the Best, Matthias
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