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  1. A few weeks ago I was able to find information on the Web (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draft:Giovanni_Biondo_(Captain)) that there was even a Captain Giovanni Biondo and that everything suggests that he belonged to the merchant marine, due to allusions in the text of a historical source that refers "Mercancia" and "abastecimento" (it means "merchandise" and "goods supplies"). I had already checked the list of armada captains, published in "Vascelli e fregate della Serenissima : navi di linea della Marina venetiana 1652-1797" by Guido Ercole that the name Giovanni Biondo never comes up.
  2. Hello, I appreciated Dave Fellingham 's Dave Fellingham suggestion that I transcribe. It is plausible, because in the list of "captains" in the archives of Venice there is no Biondo, neither Giovani nor Francesco. "About the title of Captain associated with Giovanni Biondo, I'm reminded of the Royal Navy practice of giving the title of "Colonel of Marines" to Navy captains who had distinguished themselves in battle or through other outstanding service to the Crown as a sinecure (a paycheck with no responsibilities or duties attached). These Colonels of Marines were never listed on the roster of active Royal Marine officers. It seems possible that Giovanni Biondo may have had something similar happen to him as compensation for making these bottle ships for Venice. I also notice that the reference you linked to for translation help is for Capitan of Venice Francesco Biondo." I must say that "FAMA" ( Biondo Lisbon) really existed and was the flagship of the Venetian squadron. As for the other ships from the 18th century, their name was still made through sculpted icons. "Fame" is one of the first warships with a written denomination.
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