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  1. Bottom flag is a red x from corners. Middle flag is same x with outside colored blue. Top flag is faded. Zacky is named for my dad whose name was Zack Jr hence nickname Zacky. Dad died in 67 so the stories tell of an African American making it for my dad. Don’t know if that part true. He would have been living in south Florida at time. thanks for everything. zack 3.
  2. My dads ship cap on top in bed of wax maybe. Name on stern is Zacky. He was born 1928 so I assume built in central Florida in 30’s
  3. My ships name is Zacky. Probably made in Florida in 30’s as father was born in 1928. Value priceless any info or thoughts appreciated
  4. My dads ship in bottle made 1930’s in central Florida. many information appreciated. thoughts of re setting of fallen sail. Bottle in octagon 7” tall with 1” openings.
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