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  1. Not much progress this weekend- cleaned up the trestle and did the first round of rigging. The bowsprite was quite easy. I have some doubts about the frizzy thread. Tried to reduce it with some wax, white glue and varnish, but with doubtful results. What do you think is good to reduce the frizz on polyether thread? Otherwise the thread looks good- color and tightness are great. Thanks for the comments!
  2. Masts and bowsprite were all drilled and dressed with brown rope. Hinges were done according to the instructions using supplied wire. I noticed the superstructures are slightly offset to one side, but they will stay like this now.
  3. I´ve added the holes to the side parts to guide the drilling better. princess2.pdf
  4. Of course! You can use and modify as you like. I remembered yesterday I would like to add the hole indications on the bumpers, this is something i realized later that would help drilling the holes on the hull sides. I would also consider drilling them before glueing the bumbers, then use the bumpers to mask the holes. This drilling tears up the paper a bit around the holes, making a bit of a mess. Since I used a sheet that is a bit thinner than the original I am considering adding another bumper after i pass the cables through these holes to improve the look. Let’s see. Now I am working on the
  5. This is the pdf version of the Re-CADded cardboard sheet, with some additions/improvements princess2.pdf
  6. Today’s work continued drilling the hull sides. I may add an additional bumper to each side beacuse the paper got a little teared in the proccess, but nothing major. Masts were straightened, tapered and drilled.
  7. Basic hull is naow complete. I’ve used a 0.8mm drill overall. Still need to do the holes on the side bumbpers. Then the dreaded rigging... plasticine sea was still malleable even after 30 years. I am still deciding if i go qith murky north sea grean or dark blue as a high atlantic sea colors.
  8. I’ve CADded the original cardboard sheet and reprinted the parts in 180g paper (allegedly the thickest stock the laser printer woul pull). I sprayed the bottom hull with tamiya hill red and the insides of the side panels dark grey. The side panels were then cut o size, the front groove cut to match the contour of the forward pole and glued to the hull using pva glue- micro crystal clear.
  9. Good morning, this is my progress so far. Old hull was a copy from the original. Original had very rough holes which were refilled with CA and baking soda. Deck was redone with wooden planking from leftover 1/350 scale model laser-cut sets, cut to shape.
  10. jskourn, I have the manual, which pages do you need?
  11. I am restarting the build on my model(after about 30 years!) ans would also like to have the scanned cardboard page. marcos_delucena@yahoo.com.br thanks! marcos
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