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  1. to show you care. http://www.greenlightavet.com/ skip USN Ret.
  2. when i did mine i cut the glass just above the screw. after i filled the neck with sea i tied a monkie's fist at the cut. thats when the neck of the bottle started to crack. that is why i had to keep the monkie's fist going up the neck. after, i screwed the the bulb in to the female part and fastened it to the base. john z's way sounds like a good way.
  3. not a clue Gwyl but they have a site. www.kendallhg.com maybe they can tell you. the ref.# is 8884 540500.
  4. mast and spars, i use tooth picks and the long swabs the doctors use. bought a full box from the drug store. $11.00 USD.
  5. front sail has a NYC police bage and the main sail is a NYCFD sheld.
  6. this has a half pence emborsed in it.
  7. thanks. it got so heavy that i needed to put a few turks heads to keep the glass from shattering.
  8. yes but its not nessesery. i have three of them small, medium, large. some times, depending on the bottle the ends will be bent wider than the part you hold. thismeans you need to close the inside ends carefull as not to change the messurement.
  9. this is how i mesure my bottles. its a wire clothes hanger. a home made calper.
  10. just wantted to say ahoy. on the yahoo group i was rockcut163 May you all ways have fair winds and folling seas. skip
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