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  1. Moab

    Mast Making

    Great tools Alan. Thanks for posting...Moab
  2. Marcos; looks fantastic! The masts look excellent when dressed...Moab
  3. Marcos; Is it ok if we use your plan to build the ship someday...Moab
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like a wild ride! (p.s. Yep! Several years in Uncle Sam's Navy and several times at Captain's Mast representing a sailor...Moab)
  5. I’ve read the build logs and still have a bit of trouble attaching sails to masts AND HAVING THE CONNECTION LOOK GOOD. So, which way works best for you?...Moab
  6. Sometimes it’s just good to walk away for awhile. Very frustrating. That sailor should go to Captain’s Mast...Moab
  7. Excellent progress. Those prints look great...Moab
  8. Donald....it looks great. It always amazes me how difficult it is doing something that to others may look easy. Thanx for pushing ahead to make this work so well!!...Moab
  9. Wow! It survived a long time. Welcome...Moab
  10. I’m following your build. Looks good...Moab
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