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  1. Looks great! I wonder what you may suggest to use for mast “hinges” as whatever came with my ok’d kit is missing? Thanks!
  2. Tim i have the little instruction booklet. For “step 2” it mentions copying details of jig “printed on cardboard sheet inclosed in kit.” Step 5 also mentions “cutting parts 7 from cardboard.” That cardboard is what I seem to be missing. Thanks!
  3. With the current virus shutdown, while going through a lot of “old stuff,” I came across this ship in a bottle kit: Princess Royal 1841, Buddelschiff Bateau en Bouteille, from Authentic Models Holland. All appears to be in tact but it seems to be missing the cardboard template sheet? I am wondering if anyone could send a copy or perhaps a PDF file that I could print? Thank you! Stay well!
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