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  1. cog

    Hello From Holland

    Thanks James. So it is, I already did find some tid bits of usable information for small builds
  2. Nice instruction. I would like to add that if you are using CA and e.g. a piece of metal rod or a pin as applicator, you can clean it by burning it off with a lighter. I am building some plastic kits with a lot of PE on MSW and to apply the CA I use a needle, stuck in a piece of wood as a handle, with the top of the eye cut off, so a fork is created which can hold the CA. You do need to burn the build up of CA regularly.
  3. cog

    Hello From Holland

    Quite so, but now I have got to go through a lot of build logs in a jiffy when I look what you all make in such a short time. Else I'll never get to a current build!
  4. cog

    Hello From Holland

    Feels good to be among friends, and see what gems you are creating! Thanks for your warm welcome
  5. Finally took the time to subscribe. Only took me a few years. I love the SIBs I see here and at MSW where some of you folks may know me from. I might even try my hand at a large version of a bottled ship. But first things first: finish my current plastic & PE builds.
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