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  1. I think that’s the right decision. Best to take your time to fix it .
  2. I would recommend drilling a small hole through the yard and the mast with a pin vise or watchmakers drill and then thread the cotton through both and tie off with any knot. Just make sure that the yard can swivel so that’s it’s easy to insert through the bottle neck when the time comes. Perhaps these illustrations from ‘Sailing in glass’ by Joop van Schouten may help to visualise better.
  3. What can I say;it’s very artistic Seriously,a great bit of carving.Congrats to your nephew,the boat is super.
  4. I’m no expert but in normal work building a ship from wood then I use ordinary white wood glue from a bottle but use it quite thinly. If I have any plastic parts i.e. made from styrene then I glue them with a super glue but be aware that super glue will react with the glass inside the bottle and can be difficult to get clean. Maybe other people can recommend some other types of glues for you depending on where you are based.
  5. Looking good,well done Chas!
  6. HMS Victoria 1893. One of the few vertical standing wrecks in the world.
  7. Onni


    Very nice. I can see that you have spent many hours working on these models. They look great!
  8. Onni


    Welcome Allan. Sounds like some interesting projects you have going on.
  9. Österstjernan. A locally constructed 'packet ship' working from Loviisa,South East Finland.
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