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  1. I am new to building SIB and need recommendations on thread. "A" thread and #24 are recommended in building John Fox's III Bluenose but where do you purchase such thread? It seems that most use fly tying thread, but is there a certain kind? Fly tying thread seems to separate on me. Where do you purchase your thread from? Your advice would be appreciated. TNX
  2. CD of The Bottle Shipwright 1983-2016. Purchased from Bob Little I believe for $25. Will past it on for $20 postage included. TNX Contact me at abeckett[at]gci[dot]net
  3. Check out the Gallery for more photos of the Seattle Airport display.
  4. As a new member this display at SeaTac got me started in building a SIB. I loaded pictures in the Gallery... Enjoy! Until then I had been building much much larger vintage pond yachts. As I approach retirement, I told my wife I was going to downsize my hobby and then showed her my John Fox Bluenose hull. I still have a ways to go and drilling the bulwarks I messed up with breakaway, but I am going to keep going until I learn more of the techniques and build the tools. Thanks for the the site and look forward to many more years of assistance in this new and much smaller ship building. My interest is in modeling J-boats and America Cup yachts similar to my pond yachts from the '30s. I would be interested in knowing anyone who has the same interests. Alan Beckett North Star Vintage Pond Yachts, Anchorage, Alaska
  5. Bobohamer

    SeaTac SIB Display

    2016 SIB Display at Seattle Airport
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