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    Hi all

    Hey everybody, I'm a new member! My name is Terry Fox, from Des Moines, Iowa. I'm kind of a newby, but I have managed to complete 6 SIBs. I do mostly pretty small stuff cuz I'm not good at fine detail. I started with a couple of Christmas bulb ships, which to me are easier to work on, and then went to bottles. The one pictured is a 750 ml Russels Rye whiskey bottle. I saw a picture somewhere of an old ship either under restoration or being build as a replica, so I used that as inspiration to do a ship that I could focus on a larger hull and depict it basically half-masted. I wanted to make a better hull, and compared to my other work, I think I succeded. There are 150+ parts in this thing, the majority on the hull. Anyways, I hope for inspiration, as it seems I spend more time emptying the whiskey bottles instead of putting something creative inside of them! Sorry for the poor photo....screwing around with a laptop and this it the best I could do.
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