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  1. Sails and rigging finished up. Sails were coated in white glue to give them some rigidity but still remain flexible. I probably could’ve glued the jibs directly to the line instead of sewing them, but the extra movement made things easier going into the bottle. Got her in without any major problems. Nothing broken and no glue failures. Spent the better part of the day getting the lines untangled and organized. Keeping the lines tight and getting them glued is proving to be a challenge. Lots of lessons learned for the next build. Still need to cut the lines,
  2. After 4 years of staring at a cup on my dresser that held the pieces to this ship I figured it was time to make her seaworthy. The following photos are progress I made shortly after I started this thread: The first hull carving did not fit through the neck of the bottle. This is the second iteration along with the figurehead (not exactly to scale). Painted and ready for masts, rigging, and sails. And this is how she’s sat for the last 4 years. But tonight I finished all the sails and did a little test fitting for her maiden voyage. Pic
  3. Hi, To begin: This vessel is a fictional ship from a popular video game that I have never played (Assassin's Creed Black Flag). This build is not a scale build and is just a fun project that I was inspired and interested to undertake. I started this project January 3, 2016 and I am nearing the final stages so I thought it would be a good time to share the progress. Apologies for any grammar/spelling errors/ignorance on my behalf, I'm an Engineer not an English major Alright, some quick background info and introduction. I am a Saskatchewan farm boy, currently in my 3rd year of Civil
  4. Thanks everyone for the info! I have been shopping eBay and I was considering a set of bits from 0.1mm-1mm, or a set of 0.3mm-0.5mm. They have a 1/8" shank so I could use a larger chuck if I wanted. Anything larger than 1mm I already have. Has anyone ever tried making bits out of needles? Thanks again
  5. New member here trying to get some info before starting a build. Just wondering what people are using to drill holes in masts and bowsprits? How small are the holes or the size of bits you guys usually use? Anything info is much appreciated. Thanks
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