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  1. Onni That's why I'm asking for information. I'm not too lazy to dig for it, but deteriorating health and eye sight means I would rather spend my time modeling. Been looking for plans for a while now. I'm going to read through your site this week and see how the craft is done right. Patch
  2. By looking at the images of your work you are all far beyond me when I was doing this 20 to 30 years ago. My training was a half inch thick book from the library and my plans were from another library book. No Internet available. Did 5 ships of increasing difficulty. I'm now 68, blind in 1 eye and have 18 scars and a fold in the other retina. However, I've taught myself how to work wood again to the 1/64th of an inch. Now I want to try another ship in a bottle. I may fail, but I want to try. I would like to do a working ship from one of the New England ports to honor those sailor's contribution to building this country. Where can I find plans for these type of ships that don't cost a good percentage of what the original ship plans cost to have drawn? The last ship I ruined by putting it in a totally inappropriate bottle so any help with suppliers would be appreciated.
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