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  1. I was just peering at my 1st of 3 sets of masts and decided on second thought, that it will drive me mad if I don't fix it. It just won't get fixed today.
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  2. I started rigging her a bit. Since I got a bit prematurely excited and added deck details too early, I've had to remove some in order to rig her. I must have been quite tired last night since, as I look at the masts, the foremast is placed "bass-ackwards". The yards are tied to the rear instead of the front. In this case I am going to allow myself to be human and make mistakes rather than undoing what exists and starting over. I highly doubt anyone besides you folks and myself will ever know. Very frustrating though.
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  3. JesseLee


    For those of you who recognize and/or celebrate Thanksgiving Day I wish you all a happy and blessed one! Jesse
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