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  1. Greetings to all As my English is terrible, I have no more than a basic level, I use google translate to write these lines. I can follow you because my computer translates your forum for me and after thinking about it a lot I have decided to enter. I'm a novice at boats in a bottle, I've done four, the first two very simple, I hope I can show them, I'm not very good with computers or photos, but I'll do my best. I have a doubt just like English translates to Spanish for me, would Spanish translate to English for you? For my part, I will try that the language is not a barrier since I love this hobby and in Spain there are no specific forums for boats in bottles. That said... I hope to participate and continue learning a lot from you. Again a big hello to all.
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  2. Greetings All, The following photos show how I made the 12 pdr. cannon and 32 pdr. carronades for my 1:200 scale model of Niagara/Lawrence. Both barrels are made from paper tightly rolled around an appropriate sized drill bit shank, saturated with CA glue, then sanded to shape. It did take multiple applications of the glue, as it could only penetrate one or two layers of the rolled paper. I used standard inkjet printer paper, soaked in ink jet ink, I had a spare cartridge for my printer so used that for the ink. The carraiges and slides were made from maple. Anchor's A Weigh! John Fox III
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