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  1. Chasseur

    Preussen Clipper

    Working on the deck and fitting her out. If you look closely at the shack at the stern you can see I just glued it. I have some more handrailing and another ladder to install on the aft, another funnel as well. Then I'll move to mid-ship to install some handrailing and two funnels on to and 2 below. Then I'll move forward to install the walkway from mid-ship to the bow area. Slow but sure, the CV variants have kept me extremely busy at work trying to navigate work flow and staff issues.
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  2. Onni

    What's on your workbench?

    "The Flower of Gloster " from the 1967 children's tv series of the same name (which I watched back then, which is showing my age!)
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  3. Marcos

    The princess royal 1841

    The moment of truth has arrived!
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