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  1. My father was an avid artist and wood carver but scrap dealer by trade. Around 1947 he built this ship which was used in a magazine advertisement. I was four at the time so I don't remember anything about the build but do remember we lived on the West side of Chicago in a small apartment. To my knowledge this is the only model ship he ever built...Moab
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  2. Taken a couple of months work but she's finally finished.
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  3. Marcos

    The princess royal 1841

    A selection of ensigns: I went with the mid-size red ensign as should be used by merchant vessels.
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  4. Painting the sea. I used tamiya blue and violet acrylic paints, tamiya paint retarder and mig wet effects so far. Some cotton soaked in wet effects was added around the hull to simulate waves. Let’s see how it looks like when dry...
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  5. Destroyed the deck trying to squeeze it in, so hurriedly had to make a new one out of slightly thinner veneer. Luckily second attempt succeeded.
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