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  1. She's Launched!!!! It's been a while since I've been here, but slowly bits have come together. There is a photo of the ship, rigged, (almost), sitting on the table, one of my launching tool,(launch ramp??),which is modelled after the Amarti tool I used for Hannah, and one of her in the bottle, with the air pump going to get rid of any fumes from the glue. I have the mast handling tool sorted out, it seems to work on the dummy runs, and a few suitable Swann Morton blades in the post, due very soon, which clip onto an extended handle. Now I just have to rig her! Cheers
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  2. Lubber123

    US Lexington 1776

    I have long had a fascination for the US Lexington 1776. It is the subject of Charles G. Davis' book "The Built Up Ship Model" that I've had for forty years now. I never imagined that I would ever be able to have the skills let alone find the materials to be able to build a from scratch plank-on-frame ship model. However, after I got the book I used the ship diagram in the book to build a nice from scratch, to scale SIB of the US Lexington 1776. I built it for a gift upon request for a ship-in-a-bottle and after I gave it away I never saw it again. I always thought it was my best made model an
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  3. Hi All. Things are happening, progress is being made. The masts are sitting where they live, just have to now start attaching the sheets etc to the sails, and arrange them so that they can run out of the neck and stay untangled! Also photos of the quarter deck with the ships wheel, which I've made 5 or 6 of, and a hatch, one of the main deck with cannons all loaded, the ships boat actually lives between the cannons, and a shot of the anchors, which also took more than one attempt to make! So there is more to be done, just have to figure out how! Cheers, Mick
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