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  1. Onni

    SS Great Britain

    I knew that old broken meat thermometer would come in handy some day;it's exactly the right diameter for the Britain's funnel! Using the scale drawings I mark out where the masts should be.They are named as days of the week,Monday through to Saturday. The GB went through many mast changes and rigging throughout her career but this is going to portray her as in 1845.
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  2. I used up the contents of a clear square face 1 pint olive oil bottle, lovely bottle, but with Delallo embossed on all four shoulders. A corundum stone with water made short work of the embossed letters, leaving a frosted surface. I went at the frosting with various grits of diamond polishing compound on 1/2 inch felt cylindrical buffs chucked in a Dremel. I was careful not to contaminate the buffs with different grits, and had no trouble going from the frosted surface down to the same gloss as the bottle, took a while though. The diamond paste came from Tech Diamond Tools by way of Amazon,
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  3. joe100

    SMS Emden 1914

    Greetings! Time to share some photos of the finished SMS Emden, 1/1500 scale. The model is completely built from scratch and depicts the ship as she appeared early on during her raiding cruise in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The hull is made from boxwood, the balance of the detail is brass, and the rigging is a mix of copper and Nitinol wire. The sea base is carved from Nootka Cyprus and painted. As usual no resins or anything there, just paint. The base for the case is made from olive. The scale is 1/1500 or 125’ to the inch. You can see more of my work in my gallery. www.josephlaven
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