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  1. New to forum, I got into the hobby back in the late 1970"s buying my first kit from Model Expo in NJ. I met Mr. Frank Mastini there, and ended up becoming a student of his. I recently retired and am now getting back into ship building. Currently started a Mamoli Alabama, and an old Authentic models kit Princess Royal Ship in a Bottle, which I picked up at the Disney World Souvenir shop outside the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. Totally different feel from building a plank on frame, I find it more enjoyable & relaxing, not to mention a lot smaller mess & footprint to deal with. Looking
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  3. Greetings Alan, Here are some photos of the design method for my insertion stick. They are of two different models, but same concept. The last photo shows the clamping head, made from a base that slides onto the main stick portion, with a divider to separate lines port/starboard plus bow, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mast. The top of the slider portion has a rubber pad on top and a second wood piece also has the same on the bottom, cut from an old inner tube. Sometimes I use clothes pins to clamp the lines between, sometimes just a tightly tied and knotted string. The head can slide onto the stick,
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