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Fifty years ago this month (July) SS Great Britain returned to Bristol from the Falkland islands where she had been used as a storage hulk for many years and then abandoned. Built by Brunel in 1843 she was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic. She is now fully restored . I am going to try to build her as she first looked after her launch. On a trip to England last year picked up a Large 'Bell's' Whisky bottle so I was thinking that would be suitable enough for this large ship. I must of looked quite funny or a bit suspicious walking through customs with a huge bottle sticking out of my rucksack!

Started by reducing some plans/drawings down to 1:250 scale for my model and then cutting out the basic shape with a band saw and power sanding and hand sanding into the rough shape. Used birch wood which is a fairly hard wood to shape.










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As before in some of my other models I have drilled through the ships hull with 2mm diameter holes so that I can peg it together later with cocktail sticks after i cut it up.It should then go back together and line up perfectly.

I then cut up strips of white styrene (0,3 thickness) to try to mirror the plating on the real ship. It also makes it a lot easier to bend around the bow and stern. It looks a bit opaque but once its painted, it should be solid looking. Looks a bit of a mess so I have to use a bit of filler and sand it down. Gt Britain's hull is a bit difficult to replicate as she has a waterline bulge with a bit of tumblehome (ships beam is wider than its uppermost.)






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Had a bit of a break from the ship building to do a bit of a fun project which maybe I can incorporate into the bottle stand. :lol:The original photo of Brunel is taken by the launching chains of the Great Eastern so I would be using a bit of artistic license to use it with GB.






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