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More failures than success, ...so far

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Well, I've been noodling around for a bit but seem to be learning the hard way a lot. My previous pirate type galleon failure had a lot to do with my lack of how to rig properly, stressing masts etc to breaking point.  20180701_190513.thumb.jpg.01f129358117a6f12cb3db60be3e2d46.jpgI have since done D.Siemens Bermuda Sloop but made it too complicated by having the hull in 3 separate pieces, choosing an old bottle with a very small opening that dives into the bottle proper making manipulation difficult. As a result, I settled for less sails and cut my frustrations short.   20190320_124804.thumb.jpg.172b23e6615c8bd7f263c5d84a11547c.jpg Screenshot_20191017-214551_Gallery.thumb.jpg.d258246a4fd1a1b82cafcdde7e4a2b1d.jpg I have made the sea too deep and broken the mast on the roof of the bottle.20191016_131538.thumb.jpg.4cce273fd5f130c4d957573d34e2a67e.jpg I threw one out because I slopped too much resin and caulk on the inside of the bottle moving things around. Maybe the challenge, the fact that it isn't easy, the patience learned, I don't know but it still fascinates me.                                  My most recent failure is another galleon. I started out with an over an under split hull. Things went well I put the sea of resin into the bottle. I tried to manipulate it when it was too hard and messed it up. I threw out that bottle and grabbed a Pinch bottle I had laying around. 20191016_131244.thumb.jpg.93a28d0a73a2c68c871c22b14173254d.jpg I put the bottom part of the hull in however when I went to put in the upper hull and rigging, I found out the opening to the Pinch bottle is smaller than the original bottle. The original bottle fit well.20191008_143012.thumb.jpg.8ef1edf2975c650aeeee7a45ae5373c4.jpg20191008_142926.thumb.jpg.510d158d62716dbe05128189445d2660.jpgUnfortunately the Pinch bottle did not.20191016_131354.thumb.jpg.4c72a6ca333c4babf8f06772f29ca0de.jpg20191016_131416.thumb.jpg.b327fd846f62bdb1cb16d49cff70a0a7.jpg So it's back to the drawing board but I'm humbled rather than angry, and I hope that some day my failures will pay off in the form of some amazing success.                                                        Similar rookie frustrations out there?

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You have had a rough go of it. 😲  I'm sorry to see its been so difficult.  

I think we've all been there at some point.  I made this after a bad wreck of a brigatine I was building. 



I also had a bad wreck with my Scavanger build.  Theres a build log on that one.  

You got the right attitude.  Theres a belief in art that every one has a certain amount of mistakes. Trick is to get them all out of the way early on.  I hope your next one comes out better.

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I am giving you a' like' for providing photo's of your ship failures;that takes courage to post them. We,ve all had our failures.I have a biscuit tin full of half finished hulls,broken masts etc. Love the deck details on the second model. It is sometimes very difficult to get the height spot on inside a bottle. Judging by the shelf in the background, you have had a lot of successes too!

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This morning: proceeded to cut off bulwarks on both sides, figuring I could swap with coffee stir sticks in their place. While trimming down to the deck the aft part  of the hull  snapped off from the poop deck back. She's done. 

On to the next one. 

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