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Bottled Ship Builder
Gwyl Blaser

What's on your workbench?

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Some progress with masts and rigging.Not an easy ship to model. Noticed already that I made the poop deck a bit too narrow but its too late to alter now.Progress is slow.Hoped that I would complete it by Christmas but that seems unrealistic at the moment.



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36 minutes ago, DSiemens said:


Incredible work.  I don't think the poop deck is too narrow at all.  It looks well proportioned to me.  Some ships in that era had very narrow poop decks.  I'm guessing this is 1600's to early 1700's. 

Pirates of the Caribbean,Black Pearl circa 2003 but I guess it was modelled on an 18th century ship.😂

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Now I see it.  Didn't look closely enough at the figure head.  Yeah it would have been based on early 1700 ships.  There's a quick way to tell the era of bigger ships particularly war ships.  Look at the bowsprit.  If it has a bob stay and sprit sail it's early 1700's or earlier.  If it has a martingale it's 1730's or later.  I tell all my pirate reenacting GAOP history buffs, if it has a martingale it wasn't a pirate ship.  

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On my workbench;actually the kitchen table ,The Black Pearl..... in a bottle!  Mananged to reach my deadline to bottle her before Christmas.Difficult to get a decent photo of her. Looks better 'in the flesh' so to speak.The stand is just a temporary one that I had laying around. Will build a new stand for her to sit on after the holidays.









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