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Bruce Foxworthy


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I have to apologize to you guys with respect to the link I posted above. I thought I had only captured A page of the history of Ludlow, but, ( when looked at again today ), I realize that I had in fact captured the remainder of the history of Lodlow, too. Sorry about that. I'm sure that lent itself to some mundane reading on your part that wasn't important at all to my point.

I still have a lot to learn about manipulating information on a computer as well as utilizing this sites dynamics to process it. But I'm getting there.

The main Point I was trying to reference by presenting this history of Ludlow, was that "warps", were being made there in the early to mid 1800"s.

A "warp", is a thread on a roller basically and it is used in conjugation with another thread on a  roller called the "weft" to weave fabric. Like bags and such. These are pretty fine threads suitable for building ships in bottles in that time frame and beyond. So defiantly Nills, or Anders, had that thread within reach with what they were doing as sailors at port. The use of it in the sail-makers shop on board is anyone's guess but probably was concerned  with repairing sails and such.   

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