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Mirny, shipwreck and salvage

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On 7/16/2019 at 9:43 PM, tazam0827 said:



I had a hard time keeping track of all the lines, so I numbered and lettered them and wedged them into slots cut into paperboard which was tacked to my stand, each slot labeled with the line number/letter.  Later I resorted to taping little paper flags to the end of each line with the proper letter/number, but this made it very hard to untangle the lines once the got crossed up.  I'll have to find a better method, or more likely, not have more than 10 or 20 lines!



I have done ship in bottle/bulb models with as many as 140 control rigging lines to work with in the past. I went through the exact same process as you, tried card drawing with lines through holes at locations, tying small flags to indicate lines, but found the best technique when working with any more than 30 or so lines is to tie knots near the lines ends. I use a single knot for 1, two knots for 2, and so on until I use a loop for 5, and just use multiples of the above for higher numbers of lines. To keep from having to tie dozens of loops into lines, I separate the port side rigging from the starboard side, if that is not enough reduction to limit knots to at most number 20 I break the lines on each side down by mast, i.e. fore/main/mizzen. I keep the individual groups separated, but to make sure I color the an inch or so of the knotted line ends with different colored magic markers for each group. It does take some time to find exactly the one I need at any given point in the erection process, but it does work well with this method. I do make up a rigging schedule to indicate exactly which line should be tightened next, and test this out on a rigging stand prior to insertion of the model.

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