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JerseyCity Frankie

HMS Ramillies, 74

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Thanks guys, praise from the praiseworthy is worth all reward! I was unhappy with the rake of the masts so I softened the white glue holding the channels to the hull on the Fore and the Mizzen using rubbing alcohol. I wasn’t sure it would be possible but it litteraly softened the glue faster than it takes to write this paragraph. Then I reglued and I’m much happier now.

tonight I put on the topsails. I ALWAYS depict square sails braced hard over, I think it looks more exciting. Even if I was going to build a ship bare-polled, I’d probably still brace up the yards. 




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Today was PERFECT for working indoors on a ship model: cold and rainy outside and a Saturday! I was happy as a clam working on the Ramillies.

I had all day to rig the rest of the sails but first I did a single test fitting into the bottle with the topsails on. It want in fine, got the masts up, etc, but I do worry that getting it back out could be an issue so I won’t do any further test fittings. The yards are wider than the bottle opening so the yards all have to cockbill up and all the clews swing away from their positions and these can foul on the stays. On my test fitting the Mizzen Topsail didn’t want to cooperate and I had a moment of panic wondering if I was going to break something getting the aft end of the ship out. 

I got the Tgallents and headsails on. My sail plan called for three staysails but I’ve abandoned those sails as they will add a great deal of complexity. As it stands now I’ve got twenty two control lines and I’ve been doing my best to label and color code them but it’s getting hairy. Not having three more sheets from the staysails is better for me. 

one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s possible to gang together groups of stays from the same Mast and bundle those lines together with blue tape nipers where they exit the inside of the bottle. I’ve never done this before, assuming they would all need to run individually. But I find they can all run identically and the tendency to snarl and tangle is dramatically reduced.

I made up signal flags a pennant and an ensign. Flags on ships in bottles are ridiculously easy to make and they just glue on. They add a lot of color and visual texture to the rig plus they are a normal part of every real world ship so why not include them? 




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6 hours ago, exwafoo said:

Nice work.

Sometime, somewhere I saw a ship modeller shape his sails over a portion of an ostrich egg. Seemed to work well. Perhaps one of the wooden ornamental eggs for a sib.



I’ve used the outside curvature of a ceramic bowl, that works pretty good. Let’s be honest: Flat sails look fine, there’s some amazing models with sails that look great but are flat. M other SIB. Model I’m now working on has flat sails! Putting curvature into the sails is a lot of work. But I’m obsessed with curved sails. 

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I got Ramillies into the bottle this morning! Whew. It’s late October. In fact it’s the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar today here in 2018 ! You will recall that HMS Ramillies commander at the Battle of Stonington was a very significant figure at Trafalgar so I’m very pleased I got her into the bottle on this day. I’m too cheap to turn my heat on yet so this means my plasticine sea is not amenable to grabbing onto the models hull. So I’ve not reached the end of the project but this is a good point to stop and photograph and post. Happy Trafalgar Day everyone. 










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Sorry I’ve never finished this log! Truth to tell I’ve had the ship no the bottle and everything adjusted but I’ve still not nipped off the threads. When I do I’ll photograph it and post it. Meanwhile the model has already been in a few still-life paintings I’ve done.


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Hi Frankie,

I would like to use your still life painting posted here for the cover page of our next Bottled ShipWright journal which I will release this June of 2019. Your artwork is excellent and should be celebrated by our members. May I please have your permission to use it?

Please advise.


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