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Bottled Ship Builder
James w rogers

The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

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So, as I've got only 6 days left to complete this, I thought I'd better get the bottle done, working on the assumption that sometimes less is more I decided to keep it simple and just paint the bottom of the bottle, that and I've only ended up with about eight of an inch height to spare! Silica gel packets really help speed up the drying process. 



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Trying a slightly different technique for the rigging to last time. Rear mast goes in first and gets glue fixed in place with some key anchor points fixed to Hull, then all other rigging is prefixed at key points and fed through front mast then fed through bowsprit last when front mast is dry, glued and cut off, voila, that the plan anyway! Plus side is I only have 4 lines running through the neck. ?


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