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Bottled Ship Builder
James w rogers

The 'Phoenix' Portsmouth.

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15 hours ago, Bernard Kelly said:

Hi James

Would this be the Phoenix that is usually in the dock at Charlestown, St Austell, Cornwall?  I went aboard her when my brother lived down there.

She is a fine ship and I wish you well in modelling her.

The very same.?

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Started to paint, using a mixture this time of acrylics and enamels. This is a nightmare for me as I've not got a steady hand! So will need a few touch ups here and there. Not looking forward to doing the black as the lines will have to be super straight for it to look right, any tips? ?



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1 hour ago, Onni said:

Nice work James. Black lines are difficult. I usually use loads of masking tape and black spray paint but it can be a bit hit and miss affair.Some people just use black cotton glued to the hull which is probably a possible solution on a small model.


I would suggest gluing black thread or cut cotton strips. You can get different size threads or if even a larger thread is not wide enough you can cut strips of black paper. There is also modeling pinstripe tape.


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