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Bottled Ship Builder

Boat with pirates in bottle by IgorSky - LAK-Design - 1/72 scale

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Then I hung the boat with the threads and filled the silicone into bottle.
The fill of the "sea" was made in the evening. In the morning, the silicone was already half-set, but it was found that, due to the leakage of the seam between the halves of the boat, some of the silicone seeped into the boat. I had to spend a couple of hours "scooping up" the "water" from the boat. The last photo was made during this process.










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1 hour ago, JesseLee said:

I love how your sea actually looks like water. I'm not sure if we have the same kind of product here in the states - I haven't seen any. 

Anybody in the US know where I can get something like Igor uses for his sea?


Hi Jesse!
Thank ypu for your feedback!
Jesse, please, look at this link - https://www.smooth-on.com/products/encapso-k/

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