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Bottled Ship Builder

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Hi guys!

Believe or not, first idea to make a SIB came to me about 30-35 years ago when bought a book in Polish: Flota butelkowa. Means A Bottle Fleet. And started to do a three mast schooner at that time. Finished it two years ago. It nice and quite hobby which demands a lot of skills. I believe that you agree with me, don’t you? 

Well… few weeks ago finished my second model (see pic) and going to do next.

Hope that you will give advices along my job and we will have fun together. New project is a stage of crystallisation. ?



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On 5/4/2018 at 8:33 PM, Chasseur said:

Welcome, Miro... beautiful work your project. Does she have a name or is it just a generic build?


Hi. It is Endeavour. J class yacht. Scale 1:400. Unfortunately I did not have building plans so it mostly from I could find in internet. 

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